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Department of Statistics


Dissertations from the entire Department of Statistics can be found at this link.

The following dissertations were written at the Department of Mathematical Statistics and Biometric Applications:

  • Dany-Armand Djeudeu-Deudjui (2022): Spatial and Spatio-temporal Regression Modeling with Conditional Autoregressive Random Effects for Epidemiological and Spatially Referenced Data.
  • Jonathan Rathjens (2021): River-Mediated Dynamic Environmental Factors and Perinatal Data Analysis
  • Marius Thomas (2019): Subgroup analyses and investigations of treatment effect heterogeneity in clinical dose-finding trials
  • Yessica Fermin (2018): Statistical modeling of protein-protein interaction networks
  • Leo N. Geppert (2018): Bayesian and frequentist regression approaches for very large data sets
  • Anke Hüls (2018): Weighting Approaches for Genetic Risk Scores in Gene-Environmental Interaction Studies.
  • Sabrina Siebert (2017): Measurement and statistical analysis of clustering phenomena in signaling proteins in the plasma membrane
  • Claudia Köllmann (2016): Unimodal spline regression and its use in various applications with single or multiple modes
  • Martin Schäfer (2015): Finite Bayesian Mixture Models with Applications in Spatial Cluster Analysis and Bioinformatics
  • Jakob Wieczorek (2015): Segregation and inference of biomolecular networks
  • Inoncent Agueusop (2014): Enrichment Designs and Sensitivity-preferred Classification
  • Swaantje Wiarda Casjens (2013): Adaptation and comparison of evolutionary multi-objective algorithms using variable weighting measures - Using the example of cost-sensitive classification of lung cancer subtypes
  • Marit Ackermann (2012): Discovering genetic interactions based on natural genetic variation. (Ickstadt, Beyer
  • Mathias Schaller (2011): Influence of dialysis modalities on mortality.
  • Anika Buchholz (2010): Assessment of time-varying long-term effects of therapies and prognostic factors.
  • Arno Fritsch (2010): Bayesian Mixtures for Cluster Analysis and Flexible Modeling of Distributions.
  • Tina Müller (2010): Local Analysis of High Dimensional Genetic Data Considering Interaction Effects.
  • Björn Bornkamp (2009): On Nonparametric Bayesian Analysis under Shape Constraints with Applications in Biostatistics.
  • Stefan Böhringer (2009): Characterizing Association Parameters in Genetic Family-based Association Studies.
  • Sibylle Sturtz (2007): Comparing Models for Variables Given on Disparate Spatial Scales: An Epidemiological Example.
  • Holger Schwender (2007): Statistical Analysis of Genotype and Gene Expression Data.